Fort Worth Magazine's Most Beautiful issue features our lovely Karly Girl

Fort Worth Magazine's Most Beautiful issue features our lovely Karly Girl

On stands now! Our very own Karly Johnston of Selling The Fort is officially one of the most beautiful people in town, the world, the planet... the UNIVERSE (sorry Miss.Colombia). I am so excited to share that my best friend is among Fort Worth magazine's top 10 beautiful people. To celebrate this fun and exciting recogintion I have taken this opportunity to interview her. What are her beauty secrets, Fort Worth favorites, let's get the skinny on Karly!

How would you best describe Fort Worth? Karly says" Fort Worth is where the modern day cowboy goes to wear his business suit."

If you had to use one word to describe yourself, what would it be? "Positive"

What 3 things represent Fort Worth... to you? Fort Worth Zoo, Stockyards and Sundance Square

I know you LOVE being a realtor with Burt Ladner real estate. Shout out...BLRE is local!! Working with such an established group of realtors that know the "backroads" of this town is something special. If you weren't a realtor...what would you be? "I would want to test Yachts for long periods of time to see if they needed anymore upgrades-ha."

Speaking of Yachting... how do you like to spend your free time? " My family loves to spend time together outdoors. We enjoy the little train next to the Fort Worth zoo. We love to have lunch out there and enjoy the weather. My favorite date night with my hubby is Ellerbe Fine Foods on Magnolia. Living in the Near South Side area, I am a fan of the local establishments.

As we do with all our interviews... I am going to ask our signature questions. Answer honestly...

Wine or Beer? Wine

Red lips or smokey eyes? Red lips

Lash extensions or blow out? Lash extensions

Facials or Botox? "Neither, I'm natural." ( I thought I told you not to lie?) Karly says " I'll take about anything a doctor will shove under my skin! Wait, I mean that's none of youre damn business!!!"

What's your favorite cuss word, curse word, swear word... just say it!  F&$@

Readers: You can checkout more with  Karly's via her  interview with Fort Worth magazine online or at your local newstands...…

Special "Thanks" to hair and makeup provided by Daireds Salon