What did one blonde say to the other blonde? #WhoDoesYourHair?

STF Kerastase

Backstory; I stumbled on my stylist Amanda, when I admired a blonde bombshell's coiffe at restaurant in town. I approached this total stranger and asked the infamous question "Who does your color?" and in true "girl code" she disclosed her little secret "Amanda Kent" at ZeeBa. I booked an appointment immediatelly! Amanda has taken my blonde to new levels (literally) and I have been rockin the blonde ever since! I was overally excited when she carried professional hair products I covet like... Kerastase ParisKevin Murphy and Morrocan Oil. This was a match made in heaven.
Let's get to know Amanda...

How long have you been styling Fort Worth?  "11 years"
If your clients were to describe you in a sentence ... what would they say?
"Wherever you go, I will follow."  An acutal quote from her client of 9 years, Jenny Packard. Who drives all the way from Dallas to have Amanda work her magic. Other clients have stated:"You are my longest relationship "- anonymous
As a stylist what are your personal favorite looks? Amanda says...

  1. *Farrah Faucet- feathers
  2. *Jennifer Anniston - The Rachel
  3. *Victoria Bechem- gutsy with pixie
  4. *SJP- rockin the roots before ombré was a thing
  6. Do you prefer?
  7. Brazillian Blow out or Wavy Beach hair?  "Wavy Beach hair"
  8. Highlights or Ombré-  "I want ombré to go away
  9. Beer or Wine? "Beer"
  10. Beach/ Mountains- "Beach"
  11. Boots or heels? "Boots in the daytime and heels after dark"

Let's chat about Your FW faves since STF loves to share our FW faves on the blog!
Happy hour? " Blue sushi"
Date night?   "The lounge at Eddie V's"
Favorite kid hangout?  "Central Market playground and Pho for lunch"

Thank you for allowing STF followers to get to know you better. I look forward to my next appointment and beer with you!

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