Poser Kids...Yoga and values-based enteraintment for kiddos

Hilarious, Heartful and Entertaining yoga for all
Mr.Mateo leading little posers with his humor and joy through yoga

PoserKids Yoga is a company promoting mindfulness, movement and children's wellness through the use of yoga and values-based entertainment. You can subscribe to their online PoserPortal to stream weekly videos that allow your children to participate in yoga straight from home! No need for classes, studios or coordinating busy schedules. They offer engaging ways to "plug in" and join the mindful movement."

PoserKids Yoga says "It is our mission to empower your child to move mindfully through the poses of their life. We champion core values through entertainment and education".

Selling The Fort is a huge PoserKids Yoga fan! We find Mr.Mateo's method to be Humorous, Heartful and Entertaining for everyone!

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