Behind the Walls of 2300 Willing

Behind the Walls of 2300 Willing
Before Photo of living room

2300 Willing was the house you drove by every day on your way to work that made you ask yourself "what is the deal with that house and who owns it?! It was on a beautiful, double lot, vacant, and had potential written all over it.

Here's her story..

Willing was owned by the same family since the 1920's. Three generations grew up here! When the remaining family members moved on, the house was left with an undetermined future until the History Channel approached the family estate.

Before of Master Bed room

As you can imagine, this was an emotional sale for the family. The family had countless memories here including drawing Blondie cartoons on the basement walls, hosting a family wedding, and numerous gatherings on it's expansive front porch. (This house that was made for entertaining sure served its purpose back in the day!)

Now THAT is an after shot!

Out of respect for the family, the sale was done in a quiet manner with no marketing. The family wasn't just going to sell this 3-generation home to anyone either. A buyer who would preserve it and appreciate the history was a must and the only way they would sell. They finally decided to sell their beloved home to the History Channel with Brent Hull of Hull Homes and the host of the popular TV show "Lonestar Renovation" doing the remodel. This was the perfect match!

Kitchen and breakfast area!

When the house was purchased it was in a state that made you feel like you stepped back into the 20's. Absolutely no previous work had been done. You walked in to the thickest peeling plaster walls, (some of which were bright green!), carpeted floors throughout that later revealed pristine wood floors underneath, all original lighting and fixtures, and WORKING original windows. Those who live in historic homes know that finding out your windows actually function without being shut by paint is like finding gold in your backyard!

Entry way

Brent Hull came in and completely restored this beauty. His team actually took off each exterior brick, leveled the home, and reinstalled and grouted each brick back to its original facade. The floors have been revived, the walls are and structure are in perfect condition, the bathrooms have the same bright tiling, the fixtures remain the same, but there was one change...the kitchen. This space was a incredibly tough decision for Brent as he wanted to keep it as original as possible but realized the need for modern conveniences that most buyers would have to have.

Front porch

He didn't give in THAT easy though; all of the trim work, cabinetry, and built-ins were done to the era of the home and the original lighting stayed put. 2300 Willing became a historical masterpiece of the Ryan Place neighborhood and awaits its new family to create their own memories in. 

Next time you drive by you will no longer wonder what is going on with this house. You will now ask yourself "why in the heck has no one snatched up this beautiful home?"