TX Whiskey

A behind the scenes look at a Fort Worth favorite: Firestone & Robertson

On a past visit to Firestone & Robertson distillery I caught a glimpse into how this local business has quickly found its way into the hearts (and bars) of Whiskey lovers everywhere. 

Leonard Firestone (you might recognize his last name from his family’s famous California vineyard) and Troy Roberston were two friends who unknowingly had the same vision for a Fort Worth-based Distillery. It’s wasn’t until the two independently made plans to visit the same distillery and heard about the other’s visit, that they realized they shared a common goal. Since that fateful day, these two have spent the better part of a decade building their dream and creating the finest bourbon and Whiskey in North Texas. 

Their distillery, which they lovingly refer to as “901”, is located in a 90 year old Chicago Fire brick building with 13-inch walls. While the building exterior makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to the glory days of the Fort, step inside and you’ll be greeted with a modern and inviting office space and retail store. There’s even a tasting bar so you can sample their prized selection of Whiskey and Bourbon. 

Why We Love It: Whether looking at their location, branding, products, or story; one word comes to mind: genuine. This team has a passion for distilling which is only matched by their passion for the Fort. Their retail store features goods from local makers, they donate their spent grain to local farmers to use as cattle feed, and they’ve taken an old industrial building and given it new life. Add in their friendly and down to earth team and it’s no surprise that this local business has become a household name in the distilling industry. 

Firestone & Robertson Distilling is unique all the way down to the caps on each bottle. Caps are literally one of a kind and repurposed from a variety of things like leather, stingray, old baseballs, even old military camo. You can even stop by their office to order a custom set for yourself. And have a seat at that tasting bar while you're at it.

Location: 901 W. Vickery Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76104