Agent Feature: Jayne and Andrea

Agent Feature: Jayne and Andrea

A Great Team from Day One

Jayne an Andrea are a mother-daughter team, best friends, and lifetime residents of Fort Worth who have flourished in the business because of their reputation for knowing Fort Worth like the back of their hands. They are two of the kindest and hardest working women we know and always keep us laughing!


Get to know Them!

How did you get into real estate?

Andrea: My Mother, she recruited me!

Jayne: Doug McKinzie, a partner at Brants Realtors, recruited me

What was your career before real estate?

Andrea: I worked at Dillard's for 20 years: in the stores as a manager, buying office as a buyer, and Special Events Director for 11 years

Jayne: I worked for my family's company, Landers Machine Company, Inc.

What is the best part of your job?

Andrea: Getting to work with my Mom and helping people realize their dreams

Jayne: Meeting great people

How many years of real estate experience do you have?

Andrea: 10 years

Jayne: 29 years

Agent Feature: Jayne and Andrea

If you had one hour to show someone Fort Worth, where would you take them?

Jayne and Andrea: Downtown! No other city has a downtown like ours

What is your favorite neighborhood and why?

Andrea: My favorite neighborhood is Parkhill, because I grew up there and has beautiful older homes

Jayne: I really do not have a favorite neighborhood. The Fort Worth area is fortunate to have many great neighborhoods!

What is the funniest thing you have seen when showing a client a home?

Andrea/Jayne: A naked picture of the homeowner, hanging in the master bedroom. (Yikes!)

Sum up yourself in five words.

Andrea: Diligent, reliable, outgoing, knowledgeable, and happy

Jayne: Happy, Loyal, Friendly, Sweet.....Old!

Agent Feature: Jayne and Andrea

Favorite dessert? 

Andrea:  White Cake

Jayne: Any kind of pie!

Favorite restaurant?

Andrea: Joe T. Garcia's

Jayne: Piola

Favorite place to take a vacation?

Andrea: The beach, any beach

Jayne: A cruise to anywhere!

Tell us one thing about yourself that many people don't know.

Andrea:  I have a Master's Degree in Economics from TCU

Jayne: We used to own race horses!

Explain your idea of a perfect date night.

Andrea: Going to dinner with family

Jayne: Early dinner and attending a musical at Bass Hall with my husband


Agent Feature: Jayne and Andrea

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