The store that has everything...

park + eighth

Meet Christina Phillips of Park + Eighth, a well-known Fort Worth designer, dog lover, adventure seeker, and the owner of the most fabulous home decor store in town. Her shop is filled with unique finds, both old and new, that you won't find anywhere else. We have all experienced that design hault when we strain to find a statement piece for our home. Park + Eighth's selection will not let you down!

park + eighth

We recently stopped in to Park + Eighth, and shamefully enough admit this was our first time In and so many of us live just 2 minutes from the parking lot. Park + Eighth might be off the beaten path but it is like the best hidden gem you could ever walk into. This place was a gold mine and we are so glad I checked it out. It is THAT store that has an incredible inventory of that "perfect special piece" you have been looking for that no other retailer has. Christina was welcoming, fun to talk to, and you can tell she loves what she does, and is not just a store owner. She is a well-established designer who followed her dream to opening up her own store, so the knowledge and insight you get from shopping with her is worth every penny of your newly-purchased treasure.

"Being a designer-run store, we are able to help our customers select things that are right for their personalities and spaces, and give them confidence that they made the right purchase," shared Phillips.

park + eighth
One of Park + Eighth's living room set ups to showcase how to mix and match styles

Christina has her store laid out with different living and dining areas so you can get a taste of how to mix different styles together. So many people like to mix old with new but need a little guidance on how to bring it all together and Christina really specializes with this. There is an eclectic compilation of mid-century modern pieces (one buffet that I have my eye on!), vintage french stylings, and pops of color and glam. When I say old, get antique store out of your head. Her pieces that are old have all been given a new...and fabulous life that lets you have and older piece that has already been redone to the highest of quality. 

"I love showing people how they can mix the styles and have fun breaking the designer rules," says Phillips.

park + eighth
A dining showcase featuring a clean look with both old and new

In addition to furniture, accessories, and custom pillows, Park + Eighth is one of the biggest supporters of well-known and local artists and hand picks special pieces to feature in her store. This is huge! There are so many wonderful artists in town with pieces that people want to be able to be able to physically lay their eyes on, and Park + Eighth let's you do that. A few artists she carries are:

Amy Young | Betsy Edwards | Brooke Gritch | Corinne Bizzle | Crimson Shults | Ginger Ray Walker | Jordan Young | Sara Gentry | Scott Kerr | Winter Rusiloski

So, next time you are looking for that perfect and unique piece of furniture, a statement work of art, or just some fun accessories while you redo a room in your house, let Christina and Park + Eighth be your go-to store. You will love talking with her and leave (hopefully with some goodies in tow) feeling like you uncovered Fort Worth's best kept secret.

Happy Decorating!