Meet Scott Bailey, our agent who has sold just about everywhere!

Scott and his dog Chili

Scott Bailey is one of our Burt Ladner agents who will help anyone in need, is always in a good mood, and...will literally drive anywhere his clients want to go! He has done business in and around Fort Worth, in small towns you would never know existed, and everything in between for over 19 years.

scott bailey
Scott with his wife and girls

Before Real Estate, Scott worked in the healthcare and hospitality industry and is probably where his incredible customer service stemmed from. Years ago he was going through the buy and sell process on his own and thought "why am I not doing THIS for a living?" and it all started there. When we asked him what the best part of his job was, Scott shared, "The fact that i can do this for the rest of my life." 

When Scott get's some free time he loves to go to concerts, spend time with his family and his two pups, try new restaurants and craft beer around the Fort, and go to any and all Fort Worth sporting events. And we mean ALL. One of his favorite events is the annual golf tournament at the Colonial Country Club which he has admitted attending every year since 1979 and is "basically a Colonial professional."


Scott Bailey
Scott and his wife Michelle

Scott loves living in Fort Worth and his favorite neighborhood is Tanglewood because if its proximity to sporting events and the TCU stadium.

Scott has 4 daughters and recently added another girl into the family, his sweet retriever Pearl.  They now have two golden retrievers, Chili and Pearl and poor Chili is the only other boy in the house. Scott and the pups have made it a regular routine to walk around the TCU stadium for exercise and they all love it for different reasons-Scott gets to look at the stadium and houses, and the dogs get all the sniffs they can ever want!

We asked Scott to give us one thing that most people do not know about him and with a proud look on his face Scott answered, "My wife and I watch Bold and the Beautiful regularly and never miss it." 

We are thrilled to have Scott as part of the Burt Ladner family!

Check out Scott on his Instagram feed and give him a follow: @imafwrealtor
or give him a call if you are ready to list or buy in absolutely any town around: 817.480.6060