Agent Feature: Lori Gallagher

Lori Gallagher got into Real Estate 20 years ago after being recruited in a grocery store. Previously, she was a stay-at-home mom.

She loves working in Real Estate because she's able to problem solve and make things possible even when people don't think it will work out. The funniest thing she's ever seen when showing a client a home was a stripper pole + stage in a bedroom.

To sum herself up in 5 words she's: fun, responsible, loving, generous, and loyal.

Meet Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips got into real estate over 12 years ago after spending 14 years in the staffing industry. He was the Vice President of a staffing firm here in Fort Worth and it was time for a change. 

The best part about his job is helping people find their perfect home. The funniest thing he's ever seen while showing a client a home was when a rabbit was running around the house.

To sum himself up in five words: Wine & friends that are family.

Meet Rachel Lackey

Rachel Lackey grew up surrounded in real estate. Her father does commercial so it made sense that fresh out of college she began her very first job in real estate 12 years ago! Last year she took on an additional job as a soccer and field hockey coach, too!

The best part about her job is getting to work with people and help them find their dream home. She says, "My clients become my friends. Not many jobs allow for that, it is special."

The funniest thing she's ever seen while showing a home was crazy graffiti all over the walls.

To sum herself in 5 words she is; energetic, loud, mom, wife, sports fanatic.

Meet Sasha Blackburn

Sasha Blackburn has always had an appreciation for homes, architecture, and design. So, it was only natural for her to transition from her former career in the travel industry to real estate back in 2008. 

The best part about being a real estate agent is the look on her client's face when they find THE ONE!

The funniest thing she's ever seen while working in real estate was the time she had to pick up dirty laundry in a client's home prior to a showing. 

To sum herself up in five words she is: loyal, dependable, caring, organized, and FUN!

Meet Paige Ewert

Paige Ewert has always been intrigued with real estate as the industry marries her two top qualities; connecting people to their dream home in a community they can thrive. She is coming up on her 1 year real estate anniversary in November and says that she was able to break into this industry by "luck." Previously she had been in sales since college ranging from dental supplies and equipment, medical devices (spinal and orthopedic implants), and HR Technology.

The best part about her job is being a part of such a memorable purchase as a home is typically the largest investment in one's life. She loves working to make dreams come true!

Meet Justin Williams

Justin Williams has always loved houses and buildings in general. In fact, when he was a kid he wanted to be an architect. Prior to Real Estate, he worked in the IT industry for about 20 years. Usually, telecommunications centered but he was lucky enough to get to work in just about all areas of the industry from finance to engineering. There is a lot that translates from IT to Real Estate; consistent processes, technology-based aids of all sorts, data analysis, etc...the parallels have been fun to explore and leverage. When he got the chance to try something new for a career after IT, Real Estate was recommended to him by a close friend and it's been a great fit so far! He is currently one year in the business and found his first year to be really fun and challenging. He learned a tremendous amount, made some awesome friends, and had a great time! He can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

The best part about his job is getting to meet new people every day. They get to explore a big part of their futures together and his clients trust him to find them a great fit in a new home while ensuring their old home will be cared for. He finds this experience incredibly exciting and rewarding. 

Meet Carmon Weeden

Carmon Weeden has always had a passion for architecture and design which is why becoming a realtor was an easy decision. She loves to remodel her own homes as well as decorate them. Fort Worth became home for her 18 years ago. She loves this rapidly-growing, amazing city that is full of fabulous culture and history. Carmon loves her job and is passionate about helping her clients with any and all of their real estate needs and finds joy in helping them with one of life’s biggest decisions.  

If Fort Worth could add ONE business it would be more vegan restaraunts. 

To sum herself up in five words she is: driven, passionate, enthusiastic, loyal, and a people-person.

Meet Jayne Landers and Andrea Halbach: Our Mother and Daughter Team!

Jayne Landers and Andrea Halbach are a mother and daughter team who both have a passion for real estate!

Jayne got into real estate 26 years ago after Doug McKenziem, a partner in Brants Realtors years ago, told her that she should get her license. Before that, she worked as a volunteer and for her family's business, Landers Machine Company. The best part about real estate is getting to work with her daughter and all the people she has met along the way.

As for Andrea, she got into real estate 11 years ago because of her mother. Prior, she was the director of special events at Dillard's and had been with them for over 20 years as the area manager, buyer, and director of special events. She loves her career in real estate because she gets to work with her mom every day.

Meet Beth Caraway

Beth Caraway got into real estate 8 years ago after her youngest son graduated from high school. She had always been very involved in their school and knew she would need the challenge to avoid empty nest syndrome. Her good friend, Caren Parten, encouraged her to consider real estate and the rest is history. For years she was a stay at home mom and wife but before children, she was the sales director for the Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

The best part about her job is knowing when her clients have found "the one" and they immediately know it. 

To sum herself up in five words, "Call Beth- she'll plan it!"

Meet Karly Johnston

Karly Johnston got in to real estate about 9 years ago but has been helping people find their "spot" for as long as she could work. She started out leasing properties and preferred new communities that provided the challenge of leasing up a high volume of properties in a short amount of time. She eventually got her license and the rest is history!

The best part about her job is giving people peace of mind. Getting a fair price for your home as a seller or finding the home that makes your dreams come true is what she loves the most. The funniest thing she has ever seen when showing a client a home would have to be the time a couple was sitting on the couch, smoking a pack of Red's, and didn't even acknowledge that she and her clients were in the house!

To sum herself up in 5 words she: "BRINGS CHIPS TO THE PARTY"