Paint Color

Paint Color


May we suggest...

Calm down, deep breath, I know picking paint can be hard but remember, "it's just paint" When getting a home ready to sell, neutral colors are encouraged so we hand picked our staple collection of a safe fun palate.

:: White ::

Pure White

Pure White 7005

by Sherwin Williams

Pure White 7005 is known for calm and constant. It reminds me of a little milk mustache. This color will not trick your eyes into anything else but an absolute perfect white. Try for trim or use in a small room screaming for space.

:: Gray ::

Sedate Gray

Sedate Gray 6169

by Sherwin Williams

This gray is spot-on use this gray in the main part of the home. It’s a safe color and a clean tone. Don’t worry about this gray looking purple; it’s more in the silver family. Karly’s home is drenched in this beauty of a shade.

:: Khaki ::

Relaxed Khaki

SW Relaxed Khaki - 6149

by Sherwin Williams

Play it safe with this classic neutral color. This is one of the most adaptable shades for the halls and family rooms. Or what the hell, try it all over and just go crazy with it. You can’t mess up your accomplishment with Relaxed Khaki

:: Green ::

Sagey Green

Sagey - 6175

by Sherwin Williams

Think organic and alive with this soft green tone. Perfect for a utility room or bathrooms. Stick with this bright color to always make the room feel bigger and most importantly clean!

:: Blue ::

Oyster Blue

Oyster Blue

by Sherwin Williams

You wont have the blues with this trendy yet classic flush. Ashley has this color in her dinning room and it’s working. Incredibly inviting color for the eating area . Try not to use in too much of the home, this color will blend easily with just about any other paint in other rooms.


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