Meet Kaci Strawn

Kaci Strawn first got in to real estate, 4.5 years ago, when a realtor friend of hers suggested it. She figured she would get her license and just "try it out" but now says, "it's been a dream come true ever since!" Before real estate she taught college history for three years and was in medical sales for six. She is a "historic home specialist" so real estate has been an amazing way to mix her prior experiences. 

The best part about her job is getting to know people on an all new level. Even when helping good friends, she learns new things about them through the process of buying a home.

The funniest thing she has ever seen while on the job would be when her client was closing on a house and the buyers had to sign closing documents with the closer in their car to avoid being seen in the office - apparently there was an employee they recognized and their marriage was a secret!

Meet Jennifer Cohn

Jennifer Cohn first got in to real estate after a friend, who was a realtor, approached her and thought it would be the perfect fit. If there was really a job that would allow her not only to meet new people all the time, but simultaneously get to practice arguing like a lawyer every now and then- she may have truly found her dream career. And just like that, she now has 6 years of real estate experience! Before real estate, Jennifer owned and operated a tanning salon and spa, here in Fort Worth, for 12 years.

Meet Alysa Dennett

Alysa Dennett got in to real estate almost 5 years ago after Suzanne Burt asked (told) her to get her license and get to work! Before that, she was a stay at home mother to 2 beautiful daughters and a wife. The best part about her career in real estate is meeting new people and having continued friendships. The funniest thing she has ever seen when showing a client a home would be a stripper pole in the bathroom!

Meet Sam and Jennifer Demel: Our Husband and Wife Team!

Sam and Jennifer Demel are a husband and wife team who both had a passion for real estate at a young age. Jennifer purchased her first home at the age of 18 while she was a freshman at TCU. She rented it out through college and has been hooked ever since. She graduated from TCU with a degree in Finance and Real Estate and has been investing in real estate since then. Sam and Jennifer met at TCU, married a few years later, and that is when their journey in buying, selling, and investing in real estate began.



Meet Carl Roland: Our funny family man!

Carl Roland began his real estate career over 24 years ago. After buying and flipping Hud homes in the late 80's, he finally decided to market his own properties. Before real estate he was managing an invest property in downtown Fort Worth. 

Carl finds real estate to be very rewarding since he loves the people he works with. He finds an opportunity to learn from every deal he makes; whether it's commercial, residential, or farm and ranch. If he had to sum himself up in 5 words he would say he's friendly, experienced, knowledgable, dedicated, and attentive.

Meet Carol Swanson: Our agent who has been in real estate for over 20 years!

Carol Swanson began her real estate career over 20 years ago working part time as an office manager for an agent. She always loved houses and decorating so after her last daughter was born, she decided to go to work as an assistant for Cecile Montgomery (who is now our very own agent here at Burt Ladner) and Paula White at William Rigg. She worked for them for 5 years before deciding to get her own license, in 2000, and the rest is history!

Agent Feature: Jayne and Andrea

Jayne an Andrea are a mother-daughter team, best friends, and lifetime residents of Fort Worth who have flourished in the business because of their reputation for knowing Fort Worth like the back of their hands. They are two of the kindest and hardest working women we know and always keep us laughing!