Meet Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey got into Real Estate 20 years ago, after he liked the interaction when buying and selling his first three homes. Prior to that, he was in the medical and hotel industries. He is a member of the Greater Fort Worth Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, and on the Professional Standards Committee for Texas Association of Realtors. He's also a third-generation Texan raised in Fort Worth, with a comprehensive knowledge of Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson County neighborhoods.

The best part about his job is helping first time home buyers. The funniest thing that has ever happened when showing a home was the time a Doberman chased him and a the time he turned around his client was already gone.  

To sum himself up in five words he is an: all around lover of life.

Southern Living in Ryan Place... like always

Meet Chip and Jill, Ryan Place's newest lovely couple! I'm sure if you live in RP, you're familiar with the storybook like "Yellow Bungalow", it exudes Southern romance novel or inspiration for a Wynona Judd song. Although this home is having it's 98th birthday soon, she's kept her figure over the years.

Eight One Seven

Eight One Seven, has rolled out new plans for a roundabout at the intersection of Henderson street and White Settlement Rd. Fort Worth is not messing around about traffic flow.