Meet Karly Johnston

Karly Johnston


Karly Johnston got in to real estate about 9 years ago but has been helping people find their "spot" for as long as she could work. She started out leasing properties and preferred new communities that provided the challenge of leasing up a high volume of properties in a short amount of time. She eventually got her license and the rest is history!

The best part about her job is giving people peace of mind. Getting a fair price for your home as a seller or finding the home that makes their dreams come true is what she loves the most. The funniest thing she has ever seen when showing a client a home would have to be the time a couple was sitting on the couch, smoking a pack of Red's, and didn't even acknowledge that she and her clients were in the house!

To sum herself up in 5 words she: "BRINGS CHIPS TO THE PARTY"

Karly Johnston
Karly Johnston

Karly's favorite neighborhood in Fort Worth is Ryan Place, of course! She feels so lucky to live amongst so many beautiful homes and really wonderful neighbors. She says the community in her "hood" is second to none. She knows her kids will look back one day and appreciate all the friends they made there.

Her favorite thing to do in Fort Worth is go to new places and find charming, local businesses to support. Fort Worth experienced a rejuvenation and she is all about it! She also loves sitting on a good patio with her friends.

If Fort Worth could add ONE business Karly would add an H.E.B...for the love of all things holy, she NEEDS that guacamole!

Karly with husband and 2 children.
Karly with husband and 2 children.
Karly Johnston and friends.
Karly Johnston and friends.

Karly's Favorites:

Vacation: Wine country in California. For a local getaway, JW Marriot in San Antonio.

Restaurant: Saint Emillion

Dessert: Creme Brûlée

Drink: Mimosas- cut the OJ.

Things you didn't know about her:

Karly sometimes pretends to be a painter but don't ask her to show you her work.

She has 1 very old Maltese named Louie. He is a rickety old curmudgeon, but he is everything. He's also known as a White Walker in her home.

Her idea of a perfect date would be to have her hubby pick her up in a private jet. He would be wearing a tuxedo and she's be dressed in a long red dress with white gloves. They would fly somewhere fancy for dinner and maybe see a play that evening. Or perhaps, she would try to recreate this in the form of costume from a favorite 90's movie that she loves!

We are thrilled to have Karly as part of the Burt Ladner family!
Check her out on Instagram and give her a follow: @karlypjohnston
or give her a call if you are ready to list or buy: 817.312.2100.