Meet Justin Williams

Justin Williams


Justin Williams has always loved houses and buildings in general. In fact, when he was a kid he wanted to be an architect. Prior to Real Estate, he worked in the IT industry for about 20 years. Usually, telecommunications centered but he was lucky enough to get to work in just about all areas of the industry from finance to engineering. There is a lot that translates from IT to Real Estate; consistent processes, technology-based aids of all sorts, data analysis, etc...the parallels have been fun to explore and leverage. When he got the chance to try something new for a career after IT, Real Estate was recommended to him by a close friend and it's been a great fit so far! He is currently one year in the business and found his first year to be both fun and challenging. He learned a tremendous amount, made some awesome friends, and had a great time! He can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

The best part about his job is getting to meet new people every day. They get to explore a big part of their futures together and his clients trust him to find them a great fit in a new home while ensuring their old home will be cared for. He finds this experience incredibly exciting and rewarding. 

To sum himself up in five words he is: passionate, smart, fun, energetic, and analytical. 

Justin Williams and family

Justin's favorite neighborhood in Fort Worth is Ryan Place because he grew up there. He loved the entire experience as it shaped his ideals in lots of ways, but especially in what he thinks of as a home in a neighborhood. Interesting old homes with stories, big trees, sidewalks, and a great community-feel are what makes a great neighborhood and Ryan Place has all of those things. He also loves Monticello, Berkley, and Park Place for the same reasons but, if he had to choose a favorite he has to go with where he grew up, Ryan Place. :)

His favorite thing to do in Fort Worth is to EAT! The Fort has such an amazing restaurant scene and there is always somewhere new and interesting to try. From fancy to burgers and exotic to home-cooking, you can find the best of the best around town. He keeps a running list of BBQ places where he needs to try their brisket. His other favorite thing to do is run the Trinity River Trails, especially to burn off all the brisket. :) He loves that Fort Worth has just about everything you could ever want when it comes to businesses. The entrepreneurial environment drives a variety of things he loves to do from eating and beyond! 

Justin Williams and his wife Jacqueline
Justin Williams
Justin Williams

Justin's Favorites:

Vacation: Colorado, specifically the western slope.

Restaurant: Right now, Cannon Chinese...but ask again tomorrow and he will have a new favorite. There is too much good food in town to pick one favorite!

Dessert: Crème Brulee...burn the top.

Drink: TX Bourbon or Topo Chico.

Things you didn't know about him:

Justin has a large bug collection. He was given shadow boxes with mounted bug specimens years ago and kept them throughout the years. They make for fun and different display items in their home. 

His idea of a perfect date is dinner somewhere he's never been, or even heard of before, but that his wife has reason to believe he will love. 

He has two dogs; Whiskey and Daisy. Whiskey is a yellow lab who chooses not to fetch and thinks she should always be on the couch. Daisy is an eighteen-year-old miniature dachshund who is pretty sure she is in charge of the entire family, which she probably is. They both have been everywhere with Justin, for years, and are very much family members. 

We are thrilled to have Justin as part of the Burt Ladner family!
Check him out on Instagram and give him a follow: @jwburtladner
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