Meet Rachel Lackey

Rachel Lackey


Rachel Lackey grew up surrounded in real estate. Her father does commercial so it made sense that fresh out of college she began her very first job in real estate 12 years ago! Last year she took on an additional job as a soccer and field hockey coach, too!

The best part about her job is getting to work with people and help them find their dream home. She says, "My clients become my friends. Not many jobs allow for that, it is special."

The funniest thing she's ever seen while showing a home was crazy graffiti all over the walls.

To sum herself in 5 words she is; energetic, loud, mom, wife, sports fanatic.

Rachel Lackey
Rachel Lackey

Rachel's favorite neighborhood, in Fort Worth, is Arlington Heights because it's where she bought her first home, where she currently resides, and where her son grew up. 

She wouldn't add a single thing to Fort Worth because it already has everything she needs.

Rachel Lackey
Rachel Lackey
Rachel Lackey
Rachel Lackey
Rachel Lackey

Rachel's Favorites:

Vacation: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Restaurant: Joe T. Garcias or Edohana; hard to pick just one!

Dessert: Anything with sugar.

Drink: A margarita. It used to be Dr. Pepper but she sadly gave those up!

Things you didn't know about her:

Something you may not know about her is that she loves to read and do puzzles. She got married in Horseshoe Bay in 2019 and has a 5-year-old son who has helped her show houses since he was just 1 month old!

She has two dogs; Bash, the guard dog, and Skye, who sleeps with her son every night and was rescued through Saving Hope. She also has 2 cats; Leroy and Cincy. 

Her idea of a perfect date would be dinner at Simply Fondue followed by a Dallas Cowboys game.

We are thrilled to have Rachel as part of the Burt Ladner family!
Check her out on Instagram and give her a follow: @rachylackey
or give her a call if you are ready to list or buy: 817.846.4989