Meet Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips


Michael Phillips got into real estate over 12 years ago after spending 14 years in the staffing industry. He was the Vice President of a staffing firm here in Fort Worth and it was time for a change. 

The best part about his job is helping people find their perfect home. The funniest thing he's ever seen while showing a client a home was when a rabbit was running around the house.

To sum himself up in five words: Wine & friends that are family.

Michael Phillips

Michael's favorite neighborhood in Fort Worth is his own, Ridgmar. He's loved all the great improvements over the past decade. 

His favorite thing to do is dining at St. Emilion with his closest friends and if he could add ONE business to make Fort Worth complete it would be a Kermit Lynch wine store.

Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips

Michael's Favorites:

Vacation: San Miguel de Allende or San Francisco.

Dessert: Red Velvet Cake.

Restaurant: Saint Emilion.

Beverage: Burgundy Wine.

Things you didn't know about him:

He is the youngest of 6 kids!

His idea of a perfect date is dinner at a nice restaurant with after dinner cocktails.

He and Nestor have 3 pets. 2 dogs, Stella and Caleb and 1 cat, Martha Kitty. All 3 were rescues and they are their children!

We are thrilled to have Michael as part of the Burt Ladner family!
Check him out on Instagram and give him a follow: @mapdfw123
or give him a call if you are ready to list or buy: 817.988.6698.